Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Quilt Visions Acceptance!

My work 
Drawn to the Edge 
was accepted into Quilt Visions 2018: Connections at Visions Art Museum: Contemporary Quilts + Textiles!
he feeling of
the feeling of floating, face up in the water, surfacing though a small opening in the lake, as the water parts to let me breathe, to sigh deeply, restoring my soul

Recycled teabags and pieces of Chinese newspaper form the background, adhered onto interfacing. Digitally printed photo organza image layers on top allowing the background to come forward in subtle ways. hand stitched

Editorial Reviews of my Book- Wen Redmond's Digital Fiber Art: Combine Photos & Fabric - Create Your Own Mixed-Media Masterpiece

Wonderful to find reviews! Found the following on Barnes & Noble Website. 
If you, dear reader, ever find some, please let me know!

 did you know you can leave a review on Amazon?
wish you would!- HERE

Digital fibre art is one of Wen's signature techniques. She has been recognised in the textile/fibre world for decades, and this experience and expertise is well reflected here. As with most how-to books, it starts at the beginning with the kinds of tools and equipment needed to give a good result. Wen then takes off from there, showing how to alter images, print them on different fabrics, and then apply stitch for added depth, interest, and highlighting. By incorporating a number of different techniques, the finished work looks more layered and complex, but it is very achievable. An interested beginner should not be put off, as Wen offers many tips. At the same time, experience artists will find enough here to take their work to the next level.
Issue 25 Down Under Textiles

Wen Redmond has been experimenting with different styles and techniques for many years, and this book distils her work with digital images and various materials. The book is only 127 pages, but is jam packed with information—you will find much of what you need to know here. Wen covers topics including taking photos, manipulating them through cropping filters and colours, printing and transferring them, layering and blending. She also writes about fabric preparation, using paper and other substrates, and the various paint and other substrates, and the various paint and other layers than can be added. There are any examples shown, with full and detailed visuals and written explanations. This is a perfect book to have on the bookshelf to refer to when you are looking to create a particular effect. Alternatively, use it as a guided series of exercises to extend your repertoire of techniques.

#27 Down Under Textiles

For those of you enjoying Wen Redmond’s Holographic Pictures technique in this issue, you can find the application of digital photography to textiles and mixed media expanded upon in this book. It looks at many different ways of using photography with different substrates and mediums to create a wholly unique approach to your art. It is a very user-friendly book with a lot of tips on how to make your own life easier (you can use photos taken on your phone as the techniques here will make allowances for a lower resolution in the pictures) and there are apps suggested, such as Grungetastic, that will make the whole process of jazzing up your photo much easier if you aren’t able to slave over Photoshop or another Photo Editing programme. The latter will provide you with more complex images to play with but this allows anyone with basic technology to have a go. The book is helpfully divided up into sections such as using fabric or paper as substrates, using Pre-Coats (such as InkAid) and basic Digital Photography printing before moving onto more experimental chapter, using acrylic mediums, overlays, creating textured surfaces for blending or printing over and using nonporous substrates. Each section is fully illustrated and clearly explained in stages and each chapter contains its own Process and Example sections so you can get to grips with how to achieve an effect and then see some finished pieces.

March 2017 Workshop on the Web

Wen Redmond has produced a visually inspiring book featuring her photographs, quilts, and processes. Wen explores a large variety of photo editing options, including many that can be done directly on your phone. She demonstrates how to prepare and treat fabric for printing to promote longevity, and how to manipulate each step of the process so that it is tailored to the artist's interest, skill, and creative desire.

April/May 2017 Quilting Arts

This stimulating guide to combining digitally altered photos and surface materials to create mixed-media designs centres around artist Wen Redmond's passion for photographs and fabric. With stunningly illustrated ideas for digitally printing/layering images onto fabric, paper and other surfaces suing a variety of techniques, it is jam-packed full of information covering computer software and scanner/copier techniques, layering and blending images, printing processes and paint methods. Whether you're interested in photo quilting, fabric and paper art, digital and mixed-media art, photography or art and design, you can't fail to be inspired by the transformational approaches in this book.

#44 Reloved

Learn how to create innovative quilted pieces that evolve from your own digital photographs. The author, a well-known fiber artist, teaches you how to alter images, print them on a variety of fibers, and accentuate them with stitching. Also included are photo editing, layering, and printing tips.

Fall 2017 ASG Notions

What to do with my burgeoning stock of digital photographs has been a nagging source of torment: unworthy of print but too-good-to-ditch, my computer was beginning to protest as yet more fascinating gems were shoe-horned into the collection, And then Digital Fiber Art flopped through the letter box and my dilemma was over! Wen Redmond, a distinguished quilter and mixed media artiest, experiments with manipulating and printing digital images on a multitude of substrates including fabrics and paper. Peppered with images in various stages of completion, this feast of ideas will kick-start the imagination of any flagging fibre artist—or hoarder of digital images and textiles!

Wen's passion for her art shines through, as she takes the reader through the creative journey from capturing stimulating images and then manipulating them. She covers the type of printer to use and preparation of the substrate, followed by further processing techniques. These include overlaying with gauzes and scrims, underpainting and overpainting, medium lifts, and the addition of texture using recycled scraps. Showing complete familiarity with the tools, techniques and products she describes, Wen's inspirational combination of textiles and digital images will surely motivate the adventurous-spirited reader to compose, create and print innovative textile art too.

The Journal of Weavers


Inkjet printers can be used to print on a variety of substrates, and mixed-media artist Redmond shares how best to combine printed fabric or paper with paint, photographs, and art supplies such as gel medium to create one-of-a-kind works of art. There's not much guidance or direction—much of this book is Redmond providing a brief overview of her process. The information is delivered in a jumbled rather than a linear fashion, making the lack of an index to the contents disappointing. VERDICT Beginners to the world of mixed media may be frustrated that basic knowledge is assumed, but experienced mixed-media artists seeking inspiration from a skilled artist may gain insight into new processes.

Library Journal

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Discontinuing Email Newsletters

I just set up a 'follow by email' link on my blog- upper right-  love to know if it works- please try it out! 

I will not be sending out newsletters anymore- if this works- but of course my FB page usually has good tid-bits too! 
see links below for more..

Workshop links, on top tabs, but will be severely cutting back on teaching. 

Eventually I may do online teaching or even small in studio workshops.
what cha think?

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Friday, March 16, 2018

Morning Thoughts

morning creeps over the the hill, lighting me up, mind begins to swirl with possibilities, ideas flow though me like a river though sand

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Morning Thoughts- thoughts wander

thoughts wander
while I stitch,
listening to the wind,
white and wild,
that frozen howling echo
outside my window

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Morning Thoughts

waking moments bring a flood of things to do, turning my head toward my morning window I see winter's last nod, flakes rushing sidelong against a white backdrop, somehow calming my thoughts and sending them scurrying 

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Colorful Personalities?

Following is from a website I follow –
I think it applies greatly to my philosophy of teaching and are making.
Tell me, what advice would you give a child who came to you asking what their favorite color should be?

To follow their heart? That no color is right or wrong? That if they wanted to, they could always change their mind later, any number of times? That their happiness with their choice is all that matters? Not to give it too much importance? That they don't have to decide at all? That you approve no matter what they choose?

Now, what if they protested because they had heard from friends that there was a special color assigned to them at birth; their soul-color. They felt that a numerology reading might shed some light on their confusion. They wanted confirmation of their choices through a zodiac chart, tea leaves, and a Ouija board. And they asked if hiring a coach, therapist, or guru would be a good idea.

Yep, this is what I hear every day, just not so much for colors...

Sorry to lay this on you. I'm just fishing around for some new answers to the bazillion questions I get each week about careers, loves, and destinies - which to me, from here, are kind of like... crayons.

Ewhhhh, nice magenta!
 The Universe”

So what color are you today!

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Rock On!

I use a lot of black and white prints for collage creating, making thermal fax silkscreens, photos try outs and other things. I often have lots left over.     And I collect rocks. SO!  I shredded some print outs and applied gel medium onto small rocks. Then simply wrapped the rocks in the prints. 
They fit into nooks and crannies on my shelves or paper weights for friends.   Rock on!

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Waiting for Art

art always takes my hand and leads. it's best that way. Good to open the space.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Printing a Collage

applying a thin coat of gel medium to a painted medium weight interfacing base
laying down low relief collage elements
adding a quick gesso lines
applying white digital grounds made by inkAid. The white grounds helps merge all the collage elements.
dried and ready to print
image used
printed, sewn details and mounted to a wooden canvas
simular collage
using this image
more ideas in my book- see side bar...

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Creating a Embossed Flashing Tape Substrate

flashing tape with bronze digital grounds by inkAid
removing some grounds to create a distressed look
reversed and embossed with pencil- note recycled tyvek envelope base
adding a bit of sequin waste and topping with non-porous digital grounds made by inkAid 
more ideas in my book- see side bar...

Monday, January 8, 2018

Houston's International Quilt Festival!

I was fortunate to be accepted for a Speical Exhibit at the International Quilt Festival in TX. This event draws fiber art people from all the corners of the earth!
so excited!
Presenting at the Saturday Sampler
Exhibit was called 'Breaking the Surface' a key word
for the substrates you can create! Ideas in my book!
Ideas in my book!
about 22 works were exhibited

Did a quick presentation of substrates included in my book
(see on side bar)

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Printing on Shiny Surfaces

Ct Publishing invited me to do a short video highlighting one of the techniques in my book- Digital Fiber Art: Combine Photos and Fabric - Create Your Own Mixed-Media Masterpiece. (see side bar)
big camera pointing at me- nervous??
I choose to focus on shiny substrates that you can add or use in media mixed work.
Photographs just gleam when printed on these!
video link is   Just click!
In order to print on these surface you need to use a digital ground. This prepares the surface to allow the inkjet ink to 'stick' and become permanent and clear.
showing my book
I use Clear InkAid type ll for this- link here

Friday, December 29, 2017

Japan! Quilt Visions! Quilt Japan Award! OH MY!

I was honored at Quilt Visions 2016for my work, "The Creative Hand", with the Quilt Japan Award at Visions Museum in CA. I was invited to Japan to share 2 workshops. Digital Fiber Mini Quilt and Media Mix Creative Photo Transfer Collage. In addition, I had a featured solo exhibit at Quilt and Stitch Show in TOKYO !! This piece and several others are on tour in Japan for the Niigata Quilt and Stitch Shows 2017!

 My host was 
RYOKO KOBAYASHI General Group Leader of Japan Handicrafts Instructors' Association.

Digital Fiber Mini Quilt  
includes my innovative batting technique- fusing felt to the back which serves as both backing and batting, plus coating and finishing techniques! Students had the opportunity to try specialty medium enhancements for a unique mixed media mini quilt!

working on a Digital Mini Segmented Quilt

Lovely Finish!
Media Mix Creative Photo Transfer
includes a creative easy collage technique using fiber and other mixed media elements. We create a black and white photo for transfer. Easy and curiously satisfying!
More workshop selections-
beautifully done transfer
Chiaki Dosho and I after shopping at the fabulous Nuno shop in Tokyo! I love the textures in the subtle fabric colors!
 I was treated like a princess! Chiaki and Hiroko took me around for some wonderful sightseeing. 
I had the pleasure of a traditional dinner with Mr. Seto Chairman JHIA, President Nihon Vogue and his lovely wife.
wonderful transfer
time for show and tell!
another wonderful transfer
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